Just sometimes, when life allows for a slightly less rushed start to the day, we love to make pancakes.

Pancakes are so easy and great to get tiny helpers involved because they really only need stirring, something that can usually be delegated to my 3 year old without disastrous consequences.

A healthier twist on a classic pancake is to switch the plain flour to buckwheat, which not only imparts a slightly richer nuttier flavour, but adds fibre, micronutrients and also can make the dish suitable for those following a gluten or wheat free diet.

Ensure that the buckwheat flour is gluten-free (some are blends of different flours so it is worth checking) and ensure, if necessary, that the other ingredients are indeed glutenfree versions of the products.

This will serve 2 hungry people or 4 not so hungry mouths.

150g buckwheat flour

2 tbsp baking powder

2 free range eggs, beaten

150mls milk (you can use cow’s milk or any alternatives here)

1 knob of butter (or substitute for oil if you want dairy or cow’s milk protein-free)

150-200g blueberries

maple syrup to drizzle (optional!)

stir the baking powder into the flour and mix well. Now add in the beaten eggs and the milk, stirring until you have a smooth even consistency and all of the lumps are gone.  Now stir in approx 1/2 of the berries.

Take a small amount of the butter and melt in a heavy based frying pan.

Spoon dollops of the pancake mixture into the pan, keeping them apart so that they stay individual rather than one enormous pancake!  You can probably do 3-4 small ones at a time.

When you start to see bubbles on the upper side of your pancakes, carefully flip them over and cook on the other side.  Some of the berries might start to bleed but don’t worry, I think this adds to the pancakes.

Cook the mixture in a few batches, keeping the first ones warm in the oven until you have finished your last batch.

Serve with the remaining blueberries sprinkled over the top and a small drizzle of maple syrup if you choose.  A good spoonful of low fat greek yoghurt is also delicious with this and will boost protein and calcium content too.