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Healthy Smoothies
Developing my range of smoothies has been a slow process.
I didn’t set out to create a business out of it, rather to simplify the process of making smoothies in my husband’s café and, in doing so realised that it ticked several other boxes along the way.

I prepare the raw ingredients of each smoothie and package it in a recyclable lidded paper cup , freeze it and it is then sold into cafes, establishments and also direct to the public.

The smoothies are then blended at the point of sale (or at home!) and tipped back into the cup in which they were frozen.

My aim was to provide people with a speedy, consistently good, simple and nutritionally superior solution to the average smoothie. Less wastage both packaging and food, less mess and the knowledge that your smoothie is packed full of good stuff.
Simple really!

I am continually developing my range of smoothies and a huge amount of care goes into selecting the fruits, vegetables and nutritious extras that you will find in one of my drinks.

No, these won’t change your life, make you lose weight or cure your ills BUT what they will do is give you a load of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats and fibre……plus we think they taste pretty good too!

We love to hear your feedback and also whether you have any favourite combo’s of your own so do get in touch, even just to say hi!